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Post by Red » Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:55 pm

During the early 1600s, the french Philosopher and Mathematician René Descartes famously postulated "Cogito ergo sum", which translates from Latin into "I think, therefore I am." It distinctly describes the uncertainty of knowledge, and truth outside of our own consciousness.

Now I am uncertain as to what to think of this. I mean, am I just living by myself, and all you mother fuckers are just illusions in this mixed up world we all inhabit (or I rather). So is this a dream? Are you like, incarnations and personas of me? Or am I just being stupid? I mean, if solipsism is true, then wouldn't being vegan kinda be unnecessary? Because it implies that the animals that I'd eat wouldn't technically exist. But then again, the animal that I would (but won't) eat would have an impact on my insides; the nutrients absorbs, the impact on my health, etc.. Plus, what about all the shit that keeps me alive? The sun, the food I eat, the water I drink, the house I live in, etc. I mean, if solipsism were true, then that'd mean I composed symphonies composed by Bach, discovered E=MC squared, and composed the thousands of languages that I don't even speak a lick of. I mean, I can't be that much of a genius, but then again, that's probably just my version in my own universe. So, what do you think of solipsism? I'm quite skeptical of it, but I am open to the off chance that it is true. Am I totally wrong on this?
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Post by Insert name here » Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:28 pm

The fact of the matter is, we can't prove it correct or incorrect. What you said is true, if Solipisism is correct, then everyone that I encounter technically doesn't exist, so what's the point of treating everyone as if their sentient? Because it makes sense to do so, what if solipsism is wrong and other people are sentient? Lets say that I am sentient, and I find that many of my behaviors are shared with other people, I can reasonably assume that the people that I meet are also sentient. I can't justify mudrering people by saying "How do you know that ther were sentient?" Because what if they were sentient? Because the uncertainty is there, the best option is to assume that solipsism is not true.

But those are just my thoughts.
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